VVGA NEWS – Competition Results 10.06.2018

Patterson River glorious in June
VVGA players were all in tune
Tackling the beauty in the mist
With 43 points Phuong Nguyen was blissed

What would you expect when the weather forecast was ‘Foggy then sunny’?
What would you expect from the golf game when this warning was on the line?
What would you expect from a golf course so fine even when an ominous curtain of fog and sun glare hit you on the starting tees?
Of course …we would give you a performance befitting the Monkey Magic king fighting the evil bunny!
If you could get off the tees and away from troubles of bunkers and waters galore
If you could get off the tees and manage to stay on the bouncing and running fairways
If you could get on the greens and manage the proverbial two putts on the fore
Then you would become the one eye king in the jungle full of blind men this day
Managing this many of us did for a few holes and more even for nine to survive
Twenty points and even twenty one but who could topple Phuong Nguyen’s twenty five?
Going out the back nine first he did just that with his long drive and precise shots on encore
Splitting the fairways, hitting the dance floors he waltzed around like a matador
Though the man came home on the second nine driving with a puncture on his tyres
Though he sputtered around with three holes full of wipe outs to give others a chance to whet their appetite
He could still manage to string together eighteen points in six holes to stop us all
Easily beat a fourty pointer in a consistent Tam Vang to take out this win with delight.

Hey guys,

Some of you turtles out there must make a move on with your complicated praying, one minute silence and pre-shot routines and slow tango on the greens. Cut all of these out and learn from the Shot Clock Masters being played on TV this week. First man out will have 40 seconds when he reaches the ball to hit a shot. Next one after that will have 30 seconds to hit it. If we played in this manner we would not have you playing one full hole or even two holes behind children, women and even old man with gouty knees limping around the course.

Sorry about that, PHUONG NGUYEN, for taking away your glorious moment in the beautiful sun today to address the problem of slow play.

Phuong did great today with unbelievable ball striking confidence and scoring ability.


Keep it up!

Captain’s Trophy  2018

New prizes: 2 Boxes of PRO V1 for Winner and 1 Box of PRO V1 for Runner Up

Hole-by-hole Knock Out STROKES match Play (Using Stroke index only)

You are allowed 3 weeks to finish the match. You miss 2 weeks = you are out!

Round of 16:

Week 1: 17/6/18 – Gardiners Run GC – 8.30am

Sorry Guys,

It was confusions galore as you guys turned up late and very late the week before last at Rosebud causing a couple of matchplay matches go undecided.

So, we start again!

Good Luck!


  1. Tam Vang – VS – Phuong Nguyen
  2. Aydin Nguyen – VS – Aaron Nguyen
  3. Tom Vu (Winner) – VS – Hinh Nguyen
  4. The Dao – VS – Chelsea Dao (Walkover)
  5. Thanh Pham (Winner) – VS – Huy Pham
  6. Hannah Nguyen – VS – Paul Lee
  7. Laura Lee – Walkover
  8. Tony Thai – VS – Hung Ngo

Round of 32:

  1. Tam Vang (Walkover) – VS – Huy Bui (Missed wk1/2)
  2. Aydin Nguyen (Winner) – VS – Anne Nguyen
  3. Mach Kim – VS – Tom Vu (Winner)
  4. The Dao (Walkover) – VS – Binh Dao (Missed wk1/2)
  5. Thanh Pham (Winner) – VS – Cuong Tran
  6. Thinh Nguyen (Missed wk1/2) – VS – Hannah Nguyen (Walkover)
  7. Andy Nguyen (Missed wk1/2) – VS – Ben Lo (Missed wk1/2) BOTH OUT
  8. Tony Thai (Winner)  – VS – Binh Nguyen
  9. Hung Nguyen (Missed wk2/3) – VS – Hung Ngo (Walkover)
  10. Laura Lee (Winner)  – VS – Brian Nguyen
  11. Paul Lee (Walkover) – VS – Ben Tran (Missed wk1/2)
  12. Huy Pham (Winner)  – VS – Tuan Cao
  13. Chelsea Dao (Winner) – Nhat Ha
  14. Luan Nguyen – Hinh Nguyen (Winner)
  15. Aaron Nguyen (Winner)  – VS – Vu Le
  16. Phuong Nguyen (Winner) – VS – Vincent Lee


The Captain is overseas for a few weeks.
Booking is now with Paul Lee 0468 – 992 333
Or Huy Pham 0403 – 190 697

Thanking you

Captain THE DAO for organizing the green fee booking and payment.

Vice Captain LAURA LEE and HUY PHAM for organizing the Money pool

Club rules: http://vvga.com.au/the-club-rules/

Best Gross Scores:

Best Nett  Total (par 72/CCR 70/SR 130)  Ladies (par 72/CCR74/SR 131):

Phuong Nguyen – 43Pts, Tam Vang – 40, Hinh Nguyen – 37, Hung Tran – 36, Tom Vu – 36, Andy Nguyen – 35, Paul Lee – 35.

Shots of the week: (LLet me know ASAP if I missed anyone!)

Sweet sweet moments in the game for some of us, namely:

Hung Conan Tran – Birdie 3, par 4, hole 3, 287m

Tam Vang – Birdie 3, par 4, hole 8, 287m

Tom Vu – Birdie 3, par 4, hole 1, 314m

Aydin Nguyen – Birdie 3, par 4, hole 11, 288m

Phuong Nguyen – Birdie 4, par 5, hole 4, 487m

NEXT  WEEKS  GAMES: http://vvga.com.au/next-week-games/



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